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by: Train to create Team

Hello Errikos, please tell me 3 things that we should know about you.
I don’t believe in God, nor do I think we deserve one.
I have a profound fear of reincarnation.
I wish I could have been a theoretical physicist.

You entered the fashion industry as a designer and as a stylist before you started taking photos, do you think that experience has somehow shaped your life and your work? If so, then how?
Studying fashion I learned to appreciate the craftsmanship part very much. Subsequently, during work, I learned to appreciate the people who are interested in the craft rather than the people who are interested in the fashion part. Working as a stylist (which was brief) hasn’t shaped my work as a photographer. I am interested in the fashion when it contributes to the narrative, and it most definitely hasn’t shaped life at all. I find a lot of other things deeply more profound!

What aspect of photography gives you the most happiness and what is the worst part about doing what you do?
I do a very particular type of photography, fashion and portrait because it allows me to create my own reality. I can’t do realism.
So I love the fact that it allows me to escape a lot. Physically also… to travel!
I don’t like the fact that I am not always happy with the result. It makes me very paranoid. I also don’t like working with self-obsessed people.
You get that a lot.

Although you’re based in France, photography has taken you all around the world. How, if at all, do you think location has influenced your work? Is there a place in the world you consider more inspiring the others?
Actually at the moment I am based in India.
Hard to say if location has influenced my work… it inevitably becomes part of your composition and a great location can certainly give you a brilliant photo. The light of a particular location can deeply shape your images.  Living at a certain place may influence you as an artist and subsequently your work. I don’t find one place more inspiring than another, but I do find light in some places far more beautiful than other parts of the world. I have recently shot in Cape Town and I fell in love with the light and surroundings!

If I’m not mistaken you grew up in Greece; does this, in any level influence your artwork?
Yes! I have been working on a personal project for some time and when I see all the photos retrospectively they have a HUGE Greek classical influence. It was not at all intentional but eventually every artist brings out what he or she carries inside and what his or her references are. Mine apparently have a very Greek imprint! But I only came to realize that myself while the work was being accumulated.

Tell us about the process you follow in order to come up with your ideas and your concepts. How do you do your research? Where do seek inspiration?
I don’t have a process. Working for magazines usually there is already a concept or a style that comes from the stylist, the editors or the art director and you as a photographer just contribute on how you see that concept visually. Doing fashion you move with the current trends so that is a great starting point. Then inspiration comes in different ways. For my personal projects usually I let people inspire me, I watch movies religiously, collect books, and research art. I research all that, then forget about all of it and just shoot.

What gear do you use? What essential items you keep in your bag, both for the photographic stage and the postproduction?
A Canon 5D Mark III and a set of lenses, 50mm, 85mm, 24mm-70mm, 100mm macro lens and a 70mm-200mm, speedflash, 3 64GB cards, my Macbook pro, Wacom tablet & pen, 2 hard drives, batteries and my passport!

Which are the 3 main factors for a successful photo-shoot?
Good team, good location, good light (& no drama)

When are you satisfied with a picture and when not? What is the “absolute must” in order to get the desired result?
Difficult to answer. I think it is successful when I feel the photo has an emotional value also. Henri Cartier Bresson said that the perfect photo happens when the camera, the eye and the heart are all aligned. A photo is not successful when you have already forgotten it the moment you are on the next one… I have done plenty of those!

The absolute must is to try to always be inspired, by something or someone. If nothing inspires you, nothing is going to work.

I discovered that video is another form of art that you are working with. Why video is something you wanted to take on? Do you feel it’s a natural progression for a photographer? 
I did it like every other photographer, because suddenly it was available. The photo cameras were coming with these amazing video capabilities and the photo lenses gave a wonderful result, so you had to try them I guess. It also taps into another genre which I find very interesting. There is a different set of story-telling with this medium and a different approach. It is more scripted, more controlled and more planned as you need to direct instead of document. Some photographers are closer to this than others. Some photographers like to control their subject and composition a lot so for them this is a natural continuation, or some have a very cinematic approach. For example I find Bruce Weber’s photographs very cinematic and his videos very photographic so for him it works great (even though he has been doing videos long before everyone else).

What’s the value in creating personal projects?
Huge! A dear friend who is an artist and curator, taught me to always create personal work along with my commercial and keep them separate in my mind. In fashion and advertising a photographer’s work is, to a very big extend, the result of many people’s input. In personal projects it is only you and the story you want to say as a photographer. It also makes you approach photography more profoundly. It opens a door to self discovery and forces you to expose yourself. For me it works very therapeutically, it is like psychoanalysis.

Tell us about the greatest moment you experienced during your work as a photographer until now. What do you consider milestones in Errikos’ story?
I don’t have one particular moment. A photographer’s career is very long. I have been a full time photographer for the last 6-7 years so I feel I have just started. It is a great moment every time someone wants to hire me for something or every time someone sends me a message telling me they like my work. Also I find wonderful and extremely flattering when other artists get inspired by my work and turn it into theirs. About 5 years ago when I first moved to Paris I did a portfolio shoot for a young IMG model Basia Szkaluba and we did a set of images that many artists ever since have used as their inspiration to make some wonderful art. That is a great moment for me.

Errikos Andreou


What would be your dream project?
A dream project is when I and the team I am working with, have no creative restrictions. When the objective of the shoot is to capture powerful images.

If you could be another artist for a day who would you like to be and why?
Leonardo DaVinci I think. Find out how that mind worked!

Where is your next shoot and your next holiday?
Next shoot is in Athens actually… I am writing this interview during transit. Next holiday probably in Crete. I cannot stay away from Greece during summer!

In any order you wish tell us a truth and a lie about yourself.
I am a very patient person and a bad listener.


Errikos Andreou

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